LED Speakers

LED Speakers

soundcore LED speakers will light up any place you go with built-in flaring and vibrant lights that rhythm with the beat of your music.  

LED Speakers

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soundcore Flare Mini

Portable Wireless Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof for Outdoor Parties, LED Light Show with 360° Sound and BassUp™ Technology


soundcore Flare 2

IPX7 Waterproof Protection and 360° Sound for Backyard and Beach Party, 20W Wireless Speaker with PartyCast, EQ Adjustment, and 12-Hour Playtime


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  • Light Up the Rhythms

    Are you bored with regular speakers? LED speakers will bring more life to your favorite tunes, adding extra excitement to your listening experience. Integrated with back-to-back dual drivers, Soundcore LED speaker can generate all-around sound that covers every corner of the space, spreading music to everyone present. In addition, as a Bluetooth device, Soundcore LED speaker’s powerful, compatible capabilities enable it to pair with all the Bluetooth equipment on the market seamlessly.Soundcore LED speakers are built with high-efficiency Li-ion batteries that will ensure you go longer than ever—around 12 hours on a single charge. The IP67 waterproof protection technology offers a cutting-edge, durable solution that can withstand spills, specks of dust, and even full submersion in water. Additionally, the BassUp feature enhances bass frequencies in real-time to provide you with an immersive sound, putting more depth into the soundtrack and allowing your audio experience becomes even more captivating!

  • FAQ about Soundcore LED Speakers

    How do I connect my LED speaker to my wireless TV?

    The steps are easy to follow to connect your LED speaker to your wireless TV:
    -First, you need to switch on the TV and find the Bluetooth setting in the Settings menu. Leave the setting on as you move to the next step.
    -Next, turn on the speaker and set it to pairing mode. The TV should then recognize the new device and prompt you to connect.
    -Third, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Once connected, you can adjust the volume of the speakers through your phone or the TV's remote control.
    Soundcore LED Bluetooth speaker provides universal compatibility, making it a perfect match for any Bluetooth appliance. And a halo of LEDs glowing with rhythm will make watching movies or videos at home with Soundcore LED speakers more relaxing and entertaining.

    What are the features of a great LED speaker?

    There are five outstanding features of a great LED speaker that can help you find the right one:
    1.Portability: Most of the great LED speakers are small enough to be easily carried with you, making them perfect not only for home applications but for outdoor activities as well.
    2.Water-resistance ability: A great LED speaker should be able to withstand splashes and spills to survive different using scenarios.
    3.Visual effects: Visual effects are another great feature of quality LED speakers. Many models include built-in lights that create a dazzling light show to go along with your music.
    4.Powerful battery: Battery life is another important consideration when choosing an LED speaker. Many quality models will provide up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge so that you can enjoy your music all day long.
    5.Bluetooth: Bluetooth compatibility comes as necessary because of the wide Bluetooth utilization in all products, which allows you to wirelessly stream music from any smart device that has Bluetooth built-in.
    Aside from those above, Soundcore LED speakers also support Wireless Stereo, which allows you to connect 2 speakers via a single Bluetooth device for superior stereo sound.
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